Front Porch Conversations: A Letter from the Chair 12/14/12

Dec 14, 2012 Comments Off on Front Porch Conversations: A Letter from the Chair 12/14/12 admin

Front Porch conversations are more apt to reflect a neighborly civility recognizing that although we may live beside people we don’t agree with on subjects–politics being one, we share the same local and national community. After a contentious election, we need places to recapture the feeling of what is right with America while we try to work together to correct what ails her. We need to hear each other. This website will become a vehicle of our communal voice. The leadership of the Douglas County Republican Party invites visitors to the “Front Porch” of the Party via this website. Here we will post notices of upcoming events that will hopefully peak interest and foster even more conversations within our community. There is no substitute for the well-reasoned and sound logic of the informed citizen. To that end we hope you will avail yourself of every opportunity to become a student of our times, set within history that can teach us, if only we would apply ourselves to study it. Use what we build here, not as a destination, but a respite; this front porch then becomes a springboard into a vibrant Republican presence here in Douglas County. Please join us!  Just a few of the offerings in the works: Portable–Mondays at 12:30–open-table lunch conversations at the Eldridge. “Liberties at Risk “ an educational series addressing current issues. We begin January 21, 2013, with guest speakers, Beverly Gossage and Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, each addressing the effect and ramifications of federal health care mandates on Kansans. Watch for more information on this forum!