Health Care Event 1-21-13

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“Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people  . . .”

John Adams


The first DCRP event in the series, “Liberties at Risk” was well attended in Lawrence by an audience concerned about the facts within those over 2000 pages of the government mandated federal healthcare, none of which were read before enacted.

Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, author of Health Care Freedom Amendment and Beverly Gossage, a national speaker, founder and President of HSA Benefits Consulting, spoke about the controversial health care exchange and why Kansas is well situated to avoid the mind numbing consequences of the invasive federal overreach into a market-based freedom to choose our own individual healthcare. Despite the mischaracterizations in the local media, Governor Brownback has acted prudently and with foresight by declining the state-based exchange. This became apparent as the facts emerged from the minutia, thanks again to both speakers who left the audience with action steps:

Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook:

Beverly Gossage:

Since we cannot rely on the media to inform us, we must ferret out the facts and forge our own channels of communication to and from the experts and the legislators. Not one of us can be informed on every issue that confront and affronts us, so this must be a community endeavor.  Together we can raise the knowledge quotient of our community and our country.  Informed citizenry is an improvement from our current state but not sufficient; knowledge, the result of effort, study, discussion, reflection and interactive reason, when acted upon, can begin to change our culture.